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Under the Dome

April 29, 2016 Edition

Under the Dome is an update on actions and activities of the West Virginia Legislature, provided during the regular legislative session and interim sessions for West Virginia University faculty and staff by the WVU Office of State, Corporate and Local Relations. This issue provides a review of final action on certain bills by the governor and the legislature, as well as an update on the budget negotiations.

A bipartisan group of House and Senate members introduced bills to ensure the continued viability of WVU Tech. HB 4310 (sponsored by Delegates John O’Neal, Bill Anderson, Lynne Arvon, Mick Bates, Paul Espinosa, Barbara Fleischauer, Cindy Frich, Brian Kurcaba, Tim Miley, Eric Nelson and Joe Statler) was introduced on January 27. A companion bill, SB 386 (sponsored by Senators Jeff Mullins, Bob Beach, Craig Blair, Ed Gaunch, Mike Hall, Jeff Kessler, Roman Prezioso, Charles Trump and Bob Williams), was introduced as well.

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